Breastfeeding Help in Your Home

COVID-19 Update: Video and In-Person Consults Available. Please contact Michelle for details via text: 978-897-3637.

Michelle Stolow, MAT, IBCLC

International Board Certified Lactation Consultant

Day, evening and weekend appointments are available.

Michelle can help you with any breastfeeding issues.

Michelle came to my house for 2 home visits during what was an extremely stressful time for me. It was also a critical time for my premature infant, who needed to get off the bottle and on the breast soon since I wanted to nurse him exclusively now that the pediatrician gave us the green light. I also needed to increase my milk supply and felt overwhelmed and worried. Michelle was incredible!!! I felt better the INSTANT she walked in the door, and by the time she left, I felt completely relaxed and confident that things were going to be just fine. Michelle is such an expert when it comes to breastfeedling. I researched a lot of different lactation consultants before giving her a call, and I'm confident that I now know the best consultant in the area!! Furthermore, she continues to provide help, support and encouragement by answering any breastfeeding-related questions I have during these first few months. I can't wait to recommend her to my own circle of friends if or when they need support.
-Dhvani, Northborough, MA